Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Jobina Chia joins the BUG-BOND Team is first for Asia

It gives me great pleasure to announce Jobina Chia as the latest member of the BUG-BOND Pro-Tying Team. Jobina is based in Malaysia and she becomes the first team member from Asia.

Jobina not only ties fishing flies but also extends her tying skills into art and jewellery. Her banner says it all!

This is how Jobina became interested in tying flies… 

“When I first saw some of my friends doing fly fishing they were hooking up fish on a fly, I would wonder how the fish can get caught with those flies? Slowly I watched and observed how amazing that those flies can imitate the action of a fish or an insect in/on the water that attracts and makes the fish feeling irresistible to take the fly. It was really amazing. 

 Sitting in my friend’s tackleshop (Nick Ooi), watching him tying flies, makes me feel more interested to learn about fly tying. He taught me the step-by-step in tying the basic flies like Clouser & Charlie. I grow to love visiting his shop just to sit down there with the vise and start tying flies.

On 16th February 2009, when my friends (the Yum Yum gang) gave me a big surprised in celebrating my Birthday. I was given a full set of basic fly tying vise, tools and materials. They made me fly to cloud nine. Then I started to practice and learn more in depth about fly tying.

I had 2 mentors (Nick Ooi & Dron Lee) who have been teaching and advising me in my fly tying. I also started to learn other patterns from online videos and write-up fly patterns. I learn to tie many different fly patterns on my own. I even created my own pattern of Shrimp fly, which has been very effective for me, my friends, and others too. Then I started to fall in love in tying semi-realistic flies like Stonefly, Cricket fly, Baitfish, Mouse fly, & etc.

Slowly my interest for fly tying was developed and molded as a passion of art. I feel very stress-free and relaxing whenever I tie flies. It makes me feel like I am doing meditation or yoga. Slowly I started to tie flies as collection, accessories and decoration.” for a great article about Jobina and her husband Damien How

Jobina sells flies and these can be found here

Welcome to the team Jobina!

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