Saturday, 15 June 2013

Another 'Oz' but this time in Cornwall: 'Oz' Goldsmith Bass Guide

Sat here contemplating what flies to tie at a fly fair next weekend, I recall a conversation with Austen ‘Oz’ Goldsmith a fishing guide based in Cornwall about HIS fly now constructed with BUG-BOND. 

I think Oz only has one fly, OK there are subtle variants of it but if he’s fly fishing the UK waters off the Cornish coast, the waters of Wexford or indeed the Eastern sea board of the US – it is likely to be ‘Oz’s Livebait Fly’… it would appear that it is the singular most effective fly for Oz… (This statement may not be strictly true as he does have other flies but if you ring him up he’s always tying Livebaits!)

The Livebait fly is a simple fly to tie, very straight forward and a great catcher (see it in the above clip)! Oz has proved it as we can see in these images he’s kindly provided.

I’ve included Youtube videos from Oz as well as images… you will get a flavour of this Certified IFGA Captain from both… he knows where to fish and has two boats that he can use depending on conditions.

On holiday in Cornwall and looking for a day out? Looking for a fishing holiday fullstop?

Contact Oz for a fishing trip of a lifetime around the Cornish Coast… clicking his photo below will take you to his website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
A twist on a classic it seems, is that some sort of DNA fibre it is being tied with?

David Edwards said...

Hi Scott, Yes, DNA frosty fish fibre if I recall...

Scott said...

Thanks, really like the way it looks. Never used said fibre so will give it a go.

Austen Goldsmith said...

Hi David
Thanks for the write up, IGFA captain is a scam. IGFA captain requires a simple test online, they send a PDF with all the answers you just transpose them across. Anyone in the UK using the IGFA captains logo should be asked what other qualifications they have to skipper a boat or guide Cheers Austen Goldsmith