Saturday, 8 June 2013

BUG-BOND e Cuba Libre

A very image heavy blog post today having just flown in from Cuba after a week R&R... the day before I left on May 30 I re-built my Harrison 9' 8/9 weight Lohric rod... conventionally with thread but again using BUG-BOND.

The rod performed beautifully taking all fish in its stride linked with my MAKO Jack Charlton 9500 reel. Immense stopping power... I'd go as far as to say this combination is all that you would need as the travelling fisherman... Some of the flies were made or reinforced with BUG-BOND and the chartruese bait fish pattern took a hammering from no less than 5 barracuda and is still in great shape to fight again... I'll re-photograph that fly in close-up to show the tooth damage over the next day or so and give a brief synopsis of the gear used and the guide I employed whilst I was in Cuba...

But for now it is a game of catch-up on the sleep I've lost... Enjoy the photos! 

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