Thursday, 17 July 2008

Finding Esox after a long break...

I've caught the occasional trout but the fish I've always targeted is the pike. Not that successfully I have to say... I limited myself to lures and perhaps didn't quite understand where I was chucking them. 17 years ago or so I put the rod to one side and went back to fishing the holiday way... once every so often!

After Porth Swtan and the holiday in France where William and I caught "micro roach" we visited the cousins on the Thames again.

With Old Billy the borrowed ex-Thames police river launch we chugged up the Thames toward Henley stopping en-route for lunch at Bray. Eventful trip to say the least... who snapped the key in the ignition? Fortunately the boat behind had an auto-electrician on board... hot wiring a police vehicle! I'd secreted a bunch of lures and a fishing rod on board and fished as we meandered up river. The tally for the day were a few good perch and the elusive pike in failing light on our return... it was Sam's turn to net the catch... I was gutted (excuse the pun) when he pushed the lightly hooked fish of with the net... it wasn't his fault - I hadn't explained that the landing net extended!

The following day we found out that the wrong key had been snapped in the lock... doh! The photo is a jack caught on a pikelet lure fished past a set of reeds on the Thames.

The passion begins... again!

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