Friday, 18 July 2008

The lure of the lure...

Mmmm... lures! I must admit I have quite a collection - perhaps one day each one will have produced a pike before I lose the darned things. Interestingly I have always been a fan of the Mepps spinner in size 0, and I've taken to carrying one again (especially when I carry the superlight spinning rod) just to catch the errant perch.

Favourite lures... Rapala countdown lures have been the best producers of fish for me... the little perch pattern above is yet to catch but the black/silver and blue/silver are hot! The black/silver CD9 is a little battered now but after a trip to Egypt and catching 7 Barracuda and a Jack Trevally, little wonder! The photo has been altered in Photoshop if you hadn't guessed a touch on the hue & saturation!

Pike eat pike and my pikelet lures have accounted for pike more than most, the Salmo floating diver replaced one that I got from Harris over 20 years ago after I'd lost it in a tree!

The prettiest pike I've caught to date 10lb from the Dee fell to a pink and white FOX spinner bait with a stinger hook dressed with a white grub.

Now there are jerk baits and flies to consider... so in addition to fishing it appears I collect the gear as well!

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