Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lady of the Lake...?

Dad was 77 last week. Instead of the usual couple of bottles of wine as a present, I took him fishing. It has to be said that I was looking for clement weather (for my dad) and frankly that doesn't always go hand in hand with good fishing weather. It was too warm and little fish movement was seen... the odd swirl and the splash of a tail together with a jumping bait fish and that was our lot.

However, the former fly fisherman (dad) got the hang of the spinning rod and lures and was quickly casting and retrieving on numerous drifts... whilst yours truly manned the motor and tried to unravel the line on the multiplier!

Funny to think that the last time dad and I fished together must have been 30 odd years ago.... I think dad enjoyed the day as much as I did (well apart from my power steering pump going... SOB SOB!).

Oh and the Lady of the Lake... she's on the chimney on the house in the lake.

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