Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fishing reborn

Back to June last year (07) and a weekend with the family in Porth Swtan... we loaded the car straight from school with the all important cargo of rag worms wrapped in newspaper and in a cool bag to keep them fresh. A couple of late nights for the boys and William bagged the only fish of the weekend... a plaice. He was somewhat irked I wouldn't let him take it home to show his mum.

This wasn't Will's first fish, that was a perch to a small Mepps size 0, on an Irish lough a few years earlier. On both occassions he outfished his brother Sam... by good luck than good measure. (Following the Irish holiday we visited the boys' cousins Roobs and Tom-Tom and armed with a bucket of maggots on the banks of the Thames I think they were about even in the end).

The photo reminds me how I felt catching my first sea fish, a mackerel and how it bent that fibreglass spinning rod... I even rember that it was a Mepps spinner. That memory is etched on my mind... I didn't get a picture of "me" with my fish BUT it tasted great!

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