Friday, 18 July 2008

Photography and Fishing...

The two subjects are inextricably linked... we all like photos of our catch. Don't we?
I came across JayMorr's blog via the North American Fly Fishing Forum... when I first clicked to enter his blog I was stunned by the photography. Take the recent pictures of the largemouth bass or the dragonfly... completely faultless! This guy breathes his surroundings into his photographs... awesome isn't a word to use lightly. Jay's photos are totally awesome!
I was intrigued by the pontoon boats JayMorr and his friends have... Such boats are few and far between in the UK. However, I did try a Costco boat BUT it had to go back due to a fault. I didn't have complete confidence in getting a replacement... anyway I want Jay's boat!!
Thanks for the photo Jay.


JayMorr said...

Thanks for the feedback my friend. I appreciate your comments and I am glad you enjoy the blog. I can only hope that sometime in my lifetime I can visit the UK and fly fish your country.

Take care friend,


Colby D said...

Jay is an amazing guy. His boat is pretty neat also. If you can get one to the UK you should.

BG said...

Great site! Love the pics of those toothy critters ~ Followed the link for Jay's blog.

Jay's a great guy and he's got some serious skills. Good find!

David Edwards said...

It's good to see the bigger picture and I enjoy reading about other people's experiences... perhaps then I won't reinvent the wheel so much in my fishing... or learn the hard way too often. :)