Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fat Jack first of 2010!

It has either been the weather or I've had other calls on my time recently and yesterday was the first real occasion I could get out fishing.

Up at 0630 and to the lake for 0730... clear and frosty morning with a stiffening breeze... I was glad I put on the extra woolly pully

I set up two rods - the Harrison has the Cortland 333 Pike Pro WF10F and the Loomis a Rio Striped Bass WF9I.

Mark 1 is a difficult cast an easy to get hung up on the trees and with the wind blowing into the trees running parallel to my cast I had to aim out into the lake for the fly to be taken to its intended landing spot. My favourite pattern on board... orange & yellow bucktail mix on the Rio Inter I cast dangerously close to the reeds and overhanging trees already cluttered with waggler floats! The wind albeit difficult aided getting my fly to a part of the water that I usually have difficulty getting to... the potential for hanging the fly on vegetation is high!

I decided with the wind strengthening to cast a little further up wind and allow the fly to drift into position whilst it dropped in the water column... short pulls and pauses following by long pull a 6 count a long pull and a 6 count and SNAG. Strip - Strike and I'm in!

In all honesty it was so lethargic it was like pulling in a plastic bag... it only started to go berserk in the net! It was a cold day and he was more than happy to flash back into the depths...

2010's account has been opened!

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