Friday, 29 January 2010

Life's a bench!

I'm going fishing tomorrow! I couldn't care if it snows, rains or chucks hail down in bucket loads - I'm going fishing!

I spent last evening playing with some fly designs and they are now on their way to a recipient to take on his trip to the Caribbean - lucky devil... some are plays on variations I've done in the past and others - well who knows if they'll work.

A tyer that has impressed me is my e-pal Simon Graham... Simon's ability to build flies both in the traditional style to the down right anarchic is both intimidating and inspirational. I enjoy looking at his Fly Candy and going "Wow". It's like trying to compare a Renoir with a Picasso half the time! I thought that as a lot of folk may never see him tying there should at least be a photo of him on the net in action.

I was talking to my pal Steve Harrison from Harrison Advanced Rods today and said to him that since I started on the trail with Bug-Bond I'm fishing less BUT with tyers like Simon and Andy Elliott where their flies made with my product are catching fish... that's a BIG buzz.
But I'm still going fishing tomorrow!

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