Saturday, 16 January 2010

What they say... "It's a fantastic product!"

Images sometimes speak louder than words... but may be you need the words as well or how do you know something works?

Andy Elliott is a commercial tyer known for his Bass flies and you'll see his work crop up in Jim Hendrick's blog Probassfisher Andy also sells his ties via his own website .
Andy approached me early December about Bug-Bond and we had a bit of dialogue over the ether and I sent him a few samples of cured material and then did a little job using Bug-Bond which he was happy with (sadly I can't tell you what as it is something new that may feature in some of Andy's ties!).
I'd like to thank Andy as he has kindly agreed to allow me to include in my blog an excerpt from a recent email he sent me relating to personal ties for the start of the trout season...

"I have been tying some quill bodied nymphs and snatchers for the start of the trout season (for my use)... normally I would apply 3 coats of varnish to the quill body then wait for it to dry before finishing the fly , but with the Bug-Bond its one coat for a perfect glass like finish easy and saves so much time and in my opinion the finish is far superior

Producing glass like heads on trout flies ... simple with Bug-Bond .. one tiny drop spread around with a bodkin .. zap it with the light... instant result

Weighted nymph bodies ... easy ...wrap the lead , coat of bug bond . Zap it with the light ..job done and that lead will go nowhere

I'll be ordering a few more bottles next week

I really hope this takes off for you ... it’s a fantastic product

Andy Elliott”

The first time an individual uses Bug-Bond you do get the Eureka effect and when I'm trying new projects with Bug-Bond that comes out of conversations with tyers like Andy and Simon, I still get it!

Purchasers of Bug-Bond are buying one of the most advanced UV cure resins available...

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