Monday, 29 October 2012

BASStastic day with Mike Ladle

Hot on the heels of the post about the reverse smelt... we have a reverse smelt capture pictured for those who want to see the "proof of the pudding". Here we have a Dorset bass capture by my fishing e-mentor Dr Mike Ladle... yes, the very same as the one who wrote Hooked on Bass, Operation  Sea Angler and many more titles. Mike has kindly allowed me to reproduce the photo for you.

So it works and the fly-tyer Alan Bulmer in New Zealand confirms that it rides hook up!

The hook is a Mustad 34007NPSS 1/0 as an addendum to the original post... the Bug-Bond finish remains the same.

NB. Mike Ladle is due to have another book published in June 2013... I'll be sure to be reviewing it when it hits the book shops. Watch this space!

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