Monday, 1 October 2012

BUG-BOND in Glasgow

Cheryl curing BUG-BOND on the head of her first fly!
The Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekends are hugely successful and I wouldn't be suprised if they weren't the largest free fishing shows in the UK. Run in March and September they are dates for the diary and not to be missed.

I love the warm welcome from customers and staff alike... all are enthusiastic and its a treat to be there.

I was demonstrating BUG-BOND alongside fellow fly tyers Dougie Loughridge, Paul Procter, Allan Liddle and one of my personal favourites, the quiet man... Paul Little who has a talent beyond the reach of most mortals... his flies are faultless.

The beauty of an event like this is that I meet folk who were early adopters of  BUG-BOND and who come to have a natter to those who are just setting out on the journey of fly fishing & fly tying... there are the young and not so young who are all taken by new flash materials and enjoy watching for the first time the fast curing of BUG-BOND... some whispering to friends refer to it as "drying"... call it what they will I don't mind.

It gives me a complete buzz getting a person to tie a fly for the first time and watch them as they create their first fly. One such person was Cheryl McCrory, she'd come to the show with her boyfriend Gary McLellan (a BUG-BOND user). Cheryl is a dental nurse and is used to curing dental composites but she's never tied a fly. I think you'll agree that as a first fly she did a good job. Well done Cheryl!

Thank you Glasgow... see you all in March!

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