Sunday, 28 October 2012

BUG-BOND fly testing...

Back in 2009 when I did all the product development for BUG-BOND it was easy to get away to fish as it was "Product Development" as the business has grown so it has become more difficult to get out fishing... I'm not complaining and a big thank you to all supporters and followers of BUG-BOND for making it what it is today. Since Veniard has taken over distribution it has allowed me time to focus on "Where to next?" and "What next?". Meeting folk at shows, whether they are in the trade or members of the wider fishing community (ordinary fisher folk and fly tyers) is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job... fishing and fly tying vicariously is part of the joy... you sharing your achievements with me... its fantastic!

However, I do enjoy sitting down at my tying desk and tying a fly and then going out and fishing it almost immediately... Yesterday was one of those occasions. I have been playing with synthetics a lot lately and having enjoyed a couple of pike on an old warrior of a fly that was a mix of rabbit and fox I decided that Rabbit, Raccoon and Icelandic sheep would feature, tipped off with a set of Ultra eyes and you guessed it BUG-BOND. This is a fly tied on a 3/0 Sakuma hook after the style of Riny Sluiter. 

A cheeky couple of hours at the end of the day with a fly that takes less than 5 minutes to tie and here are the results... enjoy... I did!

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