Thursday, 11 October 2012

BUG-BOND & Fleye Foils

Earlier this year I blogged that I'd been involved with Bob Popovics and his Fleye Foils... so how do they work... do they work and if they do where can you get them?

First off if you think the Surf Candy is just for the saltwater flyfisherman then think again! NOT SO! Read on...

Lutz Schepers of contacted me recently to confirm that of the UV cure resins he'd tried the best was BUG-BOND... he now stocks BUG-BOND alongside Fleye Foils. Lutz is currently the man in Europe who sells both retail and wholesale Bob Popovic's Fleye Foils. But do they work?

As I always say the proof of the pudding is in the eating... photos and video of the use of Fleye Foils when trout fishing with Lutz are the proof. There are many great contemporary tyers that are turning their attention to the foils... are they a gimmic... no, they aren't, they are an addition to the fisherman's armoury AND they catch fish!

I'm pleased that Lutz has put his faith not only in Fleye Foils but also BUG-BOND the award winning tack-free UV Cure Resin.

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