Tuesday, 9 October 2012

BUG-BOND hits the "Sails" in Malaysia

Last week I had an email from long time Bug-Bond user and friend, Tom Gorman... Tom was THE first overseas customer (out of my then circle of friends) of BUG-BOND.  I remember getting an email in January 2010 from Tom just days after I opened the doors for business. Tom was going to Costa Rica and needed to get flies tied pronto... we messaged each other and I was soon sending product to an American living and working in Hong-Kong. Over the ensuing years we have kept in touch and I have followed Tom's fishing for Sailfish... Tom has kindly allowed me to share his email and photos.

"Hi David

Just back from Rompin, Malaysia, where Bug-Bond had a hand in some excellent fly fishing for sailfish . Attaching two pics, one "before" showing a ten-inch sailfish popper I tied, with the fly head finished with Bug-Bond. It's tied tube-style with a Rainy's popper head slipped on the front of the tube. Despite the raspy bill, Bug-Bond held up beautifully.

The other pic, "after", shows the same fly as we brought one sail to the boat for release. The reel is an Abel Super 12, and I fished a Rio Outbound 12 wt WF F/I line which makes a fairly easy job of casting such a big fly for this kind of fly fishing.

Sails averaged around 30 kg. Fishing was slower than usual for this time of year but I managed to bring 4 to the boat in 3 days. Great fun. Guide was Dominic Pereira of Fishzone Sportfishing out of Singapore who's a crack guide and great fellow to fish with. He and his partner Ian Pinto are the go-to fly fishing guides in Rompin and have been for years .

Hope you can get there one of these days . Thanks for the 'bond'(Bug-Bond).

Thanks and best


It should be noted that Tom switched to BUG-BOND for all his fly line connections... the first to put his trust in BUG-BOND in that way on such a big trip back in 2010... Tom, thanks for your support. 

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