Friday, 5 October 2012

New fly and a red letter day!

Its been a busy 12 months or so and fishing sadly hasn't featured massively... sadly. Funny from a guy who has a fishing related business as well!

I'm also in the midst of a hectic few weeks of shows and I also need to sit down and tie patterns outside the show environment and allow my creative mind run wild (that's a laugh) and then go out and fish. Product testing always goes on...

Last night I tied a fly... using the reverse tying method. 4x cock saddle hackles, white bucktail and some new material and finished off with BUG-BOND and eyes. This morning 6am the alarm goes... dark outside and windy... stuff it, put the alarm on 30 minutes. I'm at the water's edge by 0730 and pike number one is in the bag at 0758 and less than an hour later fish number two is out of the water!

Fish two is a clonker a specimen Perch, a stripey... the UK record is 6lbs 4oz and this is weighing in at 3lbs 8oz. Nothing magical about that with the exception that just over ten years ago a virus wiped out the perch in this lake and over the past five years nothing really over a 1lb has come out... rumours of 2lb perch but nothing concrete. Until now!

A Personal Best and on my own fly... I have my Mojo back!

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