Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tackle & Guns Show Update

This time last week I was recovering from 2 days at Tackle & Guns trade show... I was demonstrating BUG-BOND along with new Veniard materials for the full 2 days, hardly coming up for air. Some said the show wasn't busy, however, I didn't get a chance to go and look at many other stands.


So what's new then... well, Polish Quills are having their stripped quills distributed by Veniard and I was able to have an advance place with this superb product. I had taken my iPad along with this image showing what they look like tied on... I think you'll agree the quality of the quill is superb. The quill has been coated in BUG-BOND... an initial thin layer of BUG-BOND Lite and then a coating of BUG-BOND Original. The coating of Lite seals any gaps and ensures that there aren't any air pockets between the wraps. There are other new materials but I don't know whether I can tell just yet!

I was pleased to meet many friends at the show... which ends up like a fishing "Who's Who", however, I was particularly pleased to meet Henry Gilbey (who I have to confess is a bit of a TV angling hero of mine). Henry was on the Topwater Lures stand down the aisle from me and he took the time to come and see me. As my US friends say - Awesome! Pony tail has gone but still in shorts this enthusiastic photographer/angler can never fail to inspire anglers to go and catch fish... whether its via his images or his personality.

Now, Henry has a new book out... its under the Ultimate guides range and its got a 100 destinations, great photos and great info make this a superb book for thumbing through on a cold dark night in the UK and thinking - Where next? Amazon have a great deal on this book at the moment. Oh and I did get my book signed!

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