Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas wishes and thanks...

As Christmas fast approaches and the end of another year appears on the horizon I sit here quietly reflecting on the year that was whilst the rest of the house sleeps.

It has been a good year, an interesting year and a humbling year.

2010 saw the launch of Bug-Bond the first tack-free UV cure resin that was designed for fly tying. The launch followed 12 months of research and has seen two versions of the material launched this year with further products in the wings for 2011.

As a result of Bug-Bond I have had the honour of being invited into a great circle of fly tyers and have tied alongside the some of the world’s greats at the Spring Fly Fair in Newark, the Dutch Fly Fair, the British Fly Fair International and then the International Fly Tying Symposium in New Jersey… it has been a blast and I have made some good and true friends along the way.

The time of reflection is a time to thank a cast of thousands scattered across the globe for making this year such a great year. That cast includes every user, reviewer and supporter of Bug-Bond… there are really too many to name and perhaps to single out a few would be unfair.

My heartfelt thanks to all my family and friends who have made this year possible, a journey they have been on with me for almost 2 years. Thanks to those who have become good friends during the year, the Bug-Bond Pro-Tying Team and the retailers both here and overseas.

The biggest “thank you” is to every person who has emailed an enquiry, stopped by at a show to say “hello” and of course to those who took the plunge and decided to invest in Bug-Bond.

Users of Bug-Bond are scattered across the world and are to be found in over 30 countries across 5 continents.

Wherever you are I hope that you and yours have a peaceful and restful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tight Lines for 2011…

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Midlands Fly Fishing....

Steve Yeomans from Midlands Fly Fishing contacted me recently with details of two killer patterns he has for targeting trout... both patterns that include Bug-Bond look like they get to the fish quick. Steve through his business Midlands Fly Fishing provides tuition and guided fly fishing in the heart of England for trout, pike, grayling and carp. Sounds like a plan coming on!!!

Click the photos to see the relevant blog entries for the patterns...

Steve, thanks for sharing these Bug-Bond patterns... I look forward to seeing some photos of fish that have follen to these flies.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Davie McPhail joins the team...

I have great pleasure in announcing that Davie McPhail has joined the Bug-Bond Pro-Tying team... Davie is well known for tying at the Glasgow Angling Centre but probably more famous for his Youtube channel... since starting to use Bug-Bond in October this year he's done a number of ties using Bug-Bond... welcome to the team Davie!

Become a follower!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Finney's Flies & Operation Mark

I blogged Lawrence Finney back in March or April I think after he'd used Bug-Bond on some of his woven nymph bodies. I met Lawrence for the first time at the Spring Fly Fair in Newark, Notts and was aware by the end of the weekend that his son had had a major accident in 2009... but I wasn't aware of the extent of his injuries from the motorcycle accident that has left him paralysed from the waist down nor the impact I suspect that it has had on the Finney family.

It is probably best left to Lawrence to explain...

"As some of you know my son Mark had a bad accident just over a year ago where he sustained massive injuries,

He damaged his lungs broke all his ribs and shoulder blades and tore open his Aorta, this alone left us with little hope of survival, when we were told that he had broken his back we realised his newly gained qualification as a lifeguard could not be put into practice again.

He has made a remarkable recovery and has returned to training at the gym to try his best to see if he can make some challenge towards a qualification in physical education as this has been his ambition."

Lawrence is selling fly tying materials to help provide for Mark's present and the future needs...

"All proceeds from these sales go directly to my son's fund, it is hoped to raise enough funds to enable us to finish building an extension onto our house so Mark can start to live a more normal life with space to exercise and to enable him to have some reasonable privacy that he so dearly lacks at the moment.

As a fly dresser myself I am deeply humbled with the generous response from friends and colleagues worldwide, the following is a list of what I have to offer . Once again thank you so much for your support"

The list Lawrence refers to is a materials list that can be found on Facebook... you can always contact Lawrence through his website... click the photos above and they'll go to Lawrence's site...

Now to the photos... these are framed flies that Lawrence and many tying friends have set up and will be auctioned through Facebook as well... a possible collector's items of the future or fly fishing ephemera that you might have bought anyway? Bid and win... enjoy it and know that you helped someone in the process.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Blasphemy Baitfish - Capt Chris Newsome

This is perhaps the most appropriate day, it being a Sunday, to post photos received from Capt Chris Newsome of Bay Fly Fishing (Virginia USA) of his new fly he's called the Blasphemy Baitfish... I'm sure that this Bug-Bond creation will do well and I think you will agree these look really smart!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

World Tuscany Open Fly Tying Comp 2010

Barry Ord Clarke sent me these fantastic images of the ties he submitted for the recent World Tuscany Open Fly Tying Competition.

With places of 3rd, 8th & 9th in class Barry is to be congratulated on these great results with Bug-Bond built flies...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

IFTS Part Deux

Cool stuff abounds at the Symposium and I for one can see why so many people go back year after year... it is an enlarged family and one I am grateful to have been welcomed into. I met some amazing folk who tie flies that are just out of this world. I can't list them all... I'd just end up insulting someone.

However, I'll mention a couple of cool items...

Number one... the vise I tied on and brought home... Regal Revolution with the tube fly adapter and spare standard jaws. The vise is a WOW! Well built and user friendly, it will undoubtedly see me off this planet and allow generations after me to tie as well.

Number two... the much coveted Ekich Bobbin... WOW 2! If you think it is expensive I assure you that when you use it you'll see that it isn't expensive at all... the first time I tied with it I was astounded that a bobbin could have bells and whistles on it! And Faruk is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Genius!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

International Fly Tying Symposium

This time last week I was in the US - Somerset, New Jersey to be precise! Chuck Furimsky had invited me to be part of the 20th Anniversary Show! Well WOW! I was made very welcome after the TSA pat down and the obligatory finger and thumb prints left at the airport.

One of the highlights this year that I'll reflect on in my next post... BUT the Phantom appeared as expected!! It was PHUN!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Introducing the Phantom Phly Tyer...

Isn't he or isn't he a member of the team... well look at this way, he's our version of BBC Topgear's "Stig". Highly talented and respected but prefers to cloak himself in mystery when using Bug-Bond... well that ain't strictly true as he's shown folk some darned neat tying of late... but we'll play along a while :)

Apparently I have to wear a sweater when I meet him... is that so he recognises me or is it cold in that cave?

So it will be the joining of forces at the weekend... watch this space.

Be seeing you soon Two Hatz!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Falklands Flasher

Back to who's fishing what and where... another Bug-Bond user is stationed in the Falkland Islands (not quite as far south as the Cape but close enough for it to qualify as the most southerly caught fish on a Bug-Bond built fly).

When I opened the email I was stunned at Matthew's sea trout catches... all done in daylight I believe and he's been kind eough to allow me to show the photos and provide the recipe for his "Falklands Flasher"!

"The recipe is:

Hook: B175 8 or 10

Body: Lead wire with Orange Holographic Tinsel overlaid with Pearl Mylar Tinsel encapsulated in Bug Bond

Tail: Orange Holographic Tinsel, Amber Krystal Flash and Orange Marabou.

Eyes: 3mm Real Eyes Plus encapsulated in Bug Bond

The name is: er… Falklands Flasher!

The fish are all caught in the main river systems of the Falkland’s (of which there are many), they are Sea Trout and Brown (although they are the same fish). Brown Trout were introduced into the Falkland’s in the 1940’s and thrive in the cold, pure, peaty waters. The Sea Trout ‘run’ twice per year, once at the start of the season In Sep and again in Feb – Mar."

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Bug-Bond Team.....

The long awaited introduction to THE team... where they have a business or website I have linked these to their photo... click the photo and find out about the team member in greater detail...

Barry Ord Clarke (United Kingdom/Norway)

Born in England, Barry Ord Clarke is an internationally acclaimed and much published photographer and writer. He is a regular contributor to numerous fishing magazines world wide. He has also written, Co written and contributed to more than 25 books about fly tying and fly fishing.

Specialising in game fishing and hunting, his work has taken him all over the world, more than 40 different countries. He is also employed as a consultant to the worlds largest hook manufacturer, O Mustad & Son.

For the past 14 years Barry has lived in Norway with his family in the town of Skien, where he spends his free time fishing and elk & deer hunting.

Andy Elliott (Ireland)

I started my fly tying career four years ago after a trip to SEAi in Wexford
The majority of my customers are salt water fly fishers, a lot of my work these days is custom, catering for the more demanding salt water fly fishing guides
I supply guides all over the UK and Ireland, a few in Europe and recently had an order from Japan. My favourite aspect of fly tying must be getting a brief from a guide and working with them to produce a pattern that works in their fishing environment. Jim Hendrick blogged my work a few months ago...

“One of the huge benefits of working with a creative fly tier like Andy is his ability to build and then re-build flies according to specific requirements. Different materials behave differently at different times so it’s a constant process of fishing trial and error met with exceptional failure or success. Andy has an intuitive and artistic understanding of material relationships and behaviour and combined with my specific colour and movement emulation requests he has managed to produce the best bass flies I have fished with. I will continue to work closely with him on this adventure continuously searching for the Wexford Range - such is my confidence combined with hours upon hours of work, that at this stage of my bass fly fishing I will very seldom fish with any other fly other than one we have worked on together!” Jim Hendrick, Wexford

Simon Graham (South Africa/Finland)

Although born in England I grew up in Durban South Africa where I lived for over 25yrs and generally spent all my spare time as a saltwater fly-fisherman. I eventually moved back to the UK in 94 where I used it as a base for me to fund my fly-fishing and birding travels around the globe and have been fortunate to have fly-fished in several European countries as well as Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba & Russia. I became hooked on fly-fishing for pike during a nine month stint over in the Netherlands in 95….and the rest is history really!
In 2004 I moved to Replot island which is part of the Kvarken world natural heritage site found on the west coast of Finland where I now run my own pike fly fishing tours business called & have my own brand of pike & saltwater flies called which I market throughout Scandinavia & the Baltic countries. I spend on average 180 days fly-fishing for pike and If I’m not out chucking fluff at pike I’m behind my vice where I spend between 8 – 12hrs a day especially during the winter months. Its safe to say that pike on the fly is an addiction which has slowly consumed my life to an extent that I'm never truly happy until I’ve caught my next one especially if it’s with a new fly I've tied. My blog http://www.pikeflyfishingarticles.blogspot covers all aspects of the sport especially my flies.

I run pike fly fishing and fly tying workshops and am heavily involved with the promotion of catch and release at schools and fishing guide courses around Scandinavia with regards to pike.

Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden)

It all tracks back to my father. If he hadn't brought me along with him on his fishing days when I was a child I would never have gotten this lifelong love affair with fishing.
Born and raised in Stockholm Sweden in the mid 70's I grew up fishing for Pike in the Baltic Sea. I discovered fly fishing late in life, never knowing what I missed until I met and became friends with some fanatic fly fishermen in 1997.
I am in love with adrenaline rush of dry fly fishing and in the magic nature of the Scandinavian north I am as close as I can be to heaven.
Fly tying for me is as big of a passion as fly fishing is. My approach is to try to tie flies that can lure the pickiest of fish and at the same time would look great framed on the wall. Initially I got inspired by fly tying masters like Poul Jorgensen, Gary Lafontaine, Hans van Klinken, Oliver Edwards and more, nowadays I find myself more inspired by studying the real insects in their own environment.
I have two clear divisions of my fly tying; the first is flies for trout and grayling with a realistic touch. My goal is to design patterns that would look just as good in a frame on the wall to the human eye as it would look on the end of a leader attracting the fish. My second passion in fly tying is big nasty pike flies designed to attract the fresh water "monsters" that patrol the weed banks of any lake.

Dougie Loughridge (Scotland)

I have been a keen flytier for the last 18 of my 33 years. Although I love catching any species on the fly, my main passion is for Pike. Like many tiers, I love experimenting and designing variations on fly patterns, particularly those baitfish and streamer patterns designed to catch this wonderful predator. Being a consultant for Fulling Mill and part of the Partridge International Pro-Team, I am very proud to be joining the Bug-Bond team.

Chris Newsome (USA)

Chris Newsome spends his days guiding anglers on the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia. When not on the water or enjoying time with his family, he can be found behind the tying table trying to create a better “mouse trap” for his anglers. Newsome’s efforts in fly tying seek to improve durability and fishability of saltwater fly patterns. His flies have been featured in numerous books and magazines in the USA. Chris declares, “Bug-Bond is changing my whole approach to fly tying. The skies the limit when it comes to incorporating Bug-Bond into more effective fly patterns”

Johan Put (Netherlands)

My name is Johan Put and I am from the Netherlands.

I am working as a development technician in the paper industry.

I am fishing from the day I can remember, I must have been 5 years old when I fish for the fist time.

The love for fishing and nature has been with me since.

I started fly fishing and fly tying in 1990. My passion in fly tying goes out to the realistic flies, including fishable and art flies, it is to me a big kick to recreate a bug as good as possible. In some flies I spent more then 40 hours of tying, but when the end result is finish it gives me a great satisfaction.

Every day I am behind the vise, spending many hours trying new stuff and try to improve my skills, tying is sometimes even more important to me then fishing.

Chris Reed (United Kingdom)

I do know that Chris a Cheshire born and bred flytyer started tying flies at the age of 12… he ties a variety of flies for fishing whether it is trout, salmon or saltwater destination fishing. An accomplished tyer and the first fly tyer to sample the Bug-Bond back in 2009 before it was officially launched.

Chris Reeves (United Kingdom)

I have been a fisherman all my life and a fly angler for nearly 25 years.
I began fly fishing at Barn Elms reservoir in West London and progressed via small stillwaters to the large reservoirs, becoming a successful competition angler
I then moved on to the challenge of chalkstreams before fishing further afield in many “destination fisheries” including Alaska, Chile, Argentina, California, The Bahamas and Florida. I fish for trout at least twice a week in the season and also hunt Pike on the local stretches of the River Thames.
I started tying my own flies some 20 years ago. I was self taught and quickly realised the value of good instruction and how scarce it was so became an Instructor under the S and TA STANIC banner, later becoming part of GAIA. Since then I have taught privately and also in Adult education at my local college.
My favourite flies are Chalkstream dries and Irish Loch flies but I love tying all styles and regularly tie Saltwater, Salmon and Pike flies too.
I am a member of the Fly Dressers Guild and chairman of the Surrey branch,
I have been a Whiting Pro team tier since 2005, I am a member of the newly formed e Partridge Pro team, I am also on the pro tiers team for Nymph head products of the United States and recently joined the “Bug Bond” team too.
I give regular talks at Fishing clubs and branches of the Fly Dressers Guild.
I have been guiding on Bewl water, Farmoor and to a lesser extent on the southern Chalkstreams, where I take anglers to the public stretches such as Wherwell on the Test and the Lower Itchen fishery. I also run or help out at corporate days on local waters.

Barry Reynolds (USA)

Needs no introduction to those who fly fish for pike. Barry has written a number of books on the subject and his film In Pursuit of the Waterwolf has left many inspired to go fly rodding for pike.

Chris Sandford (United Kingdom)

An actor by profession, Chris is best remembered for his numerous TV and film roles in the 60’s and 70’s, namely as Coronation Street’s singing window cleaner ‘Walter Potts’ and ‘Sid’ one of Tommy Steele’s mates in the movie “Half a Sixpence”.

In the late eighties and nineties, Chris worked in the sound recording production business and is one of Britain’s best-known commercial voiceover artists - selling us everything from bathroom cleaners to chewing gum!

Over the last decade, Chris Sandford’s name has also become synonymous with the world of fishing and his collection of vintage fishing tackle ranks amongst the finest in the UK. His knowledge of the subject is reflected in his regular articles in the angling press. He is currently enjoying great popularity with his column in 'Fly Fishing and Fly Tying'. He also writes for 'Waterlog' magazine for which he has twice been awarded 'Humorous Writer of the Year' for his wry comment on angling at large.

His international angling TV series, ‘Just Fishin’...with Chris Sandford produced in 2002, continues to enjoy regular airings on the Discovery Channel. He also appears regularly on Sky TV’s ‘Tight Lines’ featuring his fly-fishing and fly tying skills.

His first book, “The Best of British Baits”, which traces the history of artificial lures from Izaac Walton’s silk minnow through to the 1930’s, has become a bestseller among tackle collectors worldwide.

His recent book ‘A Wellie Full of Water’, chronicles ten years of his ‘Waterlog’ articles.

His new book ‘Flytyers Flies.The Flies That Catch Fish’ was launched in November last year. (2009) Medlar Press.

Similar to TV’s ‘Antiques Roadshow’, The Chris Sandford Vintage Fishing Tackle Roadshow is seen regularly at game fairs and angling exhibitions across the country, giving valuations and advice on vintage tackle collecting. This project raises money for SPARKS (SPort Aiding medical Research for KidS).

Steve Silverio (USA)

Tying flies since the age of fourteen on a “homemade rotary vise”, Steve has ventured into all forms of the fly-tying art. Known primarily for his innovative saltwater & large predator flies, Steve has developed patterns for many species from striped bass to sailfish and is constantly experimenting with new natural materials for his designs. Combining classic dressings with modern concepts, his flies are an amalgam of tradition and simplicity.
He regularly appears at various tying forums, local, regional, & international, and demonstrates his craft at various fly shops along the east coast. His Polar Pony flies are featured in the 2008 winter issue of Fly Tyer Magazine and two of his patterns have been included in a recent release, “Passion for Pike”, by his friend Ad Swier, a well known Pike fisherman, artist, author, and founder of the Dutch Fly Fair.
Currently, Steve is a member of Regal Vise Company’s developmental team and has cooperated in the design of their new in-line rotary model, the Revolution. He is also a pro staff tier for Regal, Mustad-Partridge USA and Bug-Bond.
Because I live in the Mid Atlantic area, I often fish for stripers, bluefish & false albacore; however I also am not far from good trout streams & smallmouth rivers as well as several fine lakes that contain largemouth bass, pickerel & pike. My three favorite species to fish & tie flies for are striped bass, pike & Atlantic salmon.
While I have no single favorite tyer, I have several whose inventiveness, style, clean lines & tying techniques I greatly admire. Among those are; Carrie Stevens, Bob Warren, Syd Glasso, Warren Duncan, Charlie Chute, Daniel Dufour, Kenichiro Sawada, Marcelo Morales, Bob Popovics and others.

You will note that I count a majority of salmon fly tyers among the names I list. I believe that the discipline of dressing salmon flies is the most challenging form of flytying and contributing greatly to the development of a flytyer’s skill, and for that reason should be pursued. A solid foundation of tying skills enables the tyer to experiment with new techniques that build on those of the past.
Essentially, fly tying provides the fly fisherman with a more complete experience of his unique sport, one which is based on originality & creativity. It is only natural then that the creative response to fly tying is to experiment with existing patterns, consider new materials and formulate original concepts that develop from experiences on streams, rivers, lakes or in the salt. Fly tyers are constantly trying to solve the riddle of how to get fish to respond positively to the bits of fur & feathers we eagerly offer them. It is in the very nature of the fly tying art to respond creatively to this desire.

Riny Sluiter (Netherlands)

I am from Kampen in the Netherlands. My homewater is a big river called the IJssel, I am also surrounded by many good waters in the region of Kampen.

I have been tying flies for several years now. I tie all kinds of flies, dry flies, nymphs, streamers, saltwater flies and tubeflies.

I am a regular tier at fairs; I also do workshops at home for flyfishing clubs and shops. In Kampen we have our own flyfishing club called The Kingfisher. I am in charge of almost all the activities. It's a job I thoroughly enjoy of doing.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

BFFI 2010 Trick or Treat!

I’d like to thank everyone for making my participation at the British Fly Fair International one of the most enjoyable events of the year. It goes without saying that the organising team headed up by Steve & Bridgette Cooper should be thanked by all for making the event run so seamlessly (backed of course by the show sponsors). It is always good to see and meet friends at the show BUT it is the paying public who came to the event that I would like to thank most of all. On Saturday I started tying at 9am and got up from my chair at 5.10pm… I didn’t even have a comfort break!

Sunday was a little quieter initially but then warmed up again with a number of the trade coming over to view Bug-Bond. Sunday afternoon’s highlight was a young woman who was interested in Bug-Bond and I had her change places with me and I had her tie a basic Thunder Creek using Bug-Bond… I never did get her name but she tied a lovely head on the fly and was another facet of the weekend that was different and made it for me! If you do read this please claim your fly as I have kept it…

It was a fantastic weekend… what a buzz – thank you all for coming and visiting me at the fair, YOU made my show!

Until next year in Stoke then…

(the photos are of a Bug-Bond sandeel with my Bug-Bond luminescent additive... very seasonal "trick or treat!!!")

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rod building with Bug-Bond

Having built my first rod on a Harrison Lohric blank (9ft 9wt 4 piece) and having banked 13 fish to 16lbs with it I thought it useful to do a short video showing the process... proving it can be done without thread and a great solution to a rod repair needed on that fishing trip of a life time! Thanks to Will, my step-son for doing the production side of the video and looking after the Youtube channel for me.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Davie McPhail - Fry Pattern with Bug-Bond

All I can say is watch the video... its fantastic and says it all! Nice one Davie...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pharside of the Pond Part Deux

I've frequented Stripersonline for a couple of years now and I find the saltwater ties refreshing and innovative and they happen to lend themselves nicely to Bug-Bond.

I had an email from Rick Fink yesterday and he has kindly allowed me to show his photo of a Fat Albert with baitfish and accompanying Bug-Bond fly, together with comments and the recipe... thank you Rick.

"Attached photo shows a BB SurfCandy after five Little Tunny. Holding up well so far, no loosening of the bond, no cracking.

I've tried various materials over the years for the wing including feathers, synthetics, and bucktail which is easiest, but PolarFiber wins hands down. The pictured fly is about 1 3/4in long size 2 hook. Depending on the size of the bait sometimes up to 3in. I use size 6 and 4 when the micro bait is present, finished fly 1 1/4in to 1 1/2 long.

Hook---Mustad C-70-SD
Body Braid for belly
PolorFiber for wing
Mylar strip or Flash-A-Bou for lateral line
stick on foil eye of choice
Mono thread"

I've also been playing with Thunder Creek patterns initially as potential for saltwater ties... but do you know what I think I may go after some trout with the pattern... and I might even try and target salmon with them. Although a relatively easy tie I'm becoming quite critical of my ties and am extremely grateful for the invaluable inside information on Keith Fulsher's pattern provided by Rich "Doc" Steinberger. More on this pattern over the coming weeks...

Pharside of the Pond with Peeete

Saving the World
Not Welded
Not Welded

Whilst I’m gathering info together relating to the Bug-Bond Pro-Tying Team I thought I’d share a few images and words with you. As I’ve mentioned before it always gives me a buzz when I see flies tied by others or fish they’ve caught… especially when they tell me Bug-Bond forms part of that equation.

I’m going to blog twice today as I’ve a huge amount of info to put out there…

First up is none other than Pete Gray with all his phuzzie notions and out of the box fly tying… with the advent of light cured acrylics now being common place in fly tying Pete has pushed the envelope. “Phly Welding” is the new art form… place braid on the hook shank and then start spot welding your material on and create your fly.

I recently wrote to Pete and said that I’d like to put a profile up along with some photos of his ties… so a package was delivered to my door by two “suits” with dark glasses and ear piece communication… not to mention the bullet proof blacked out 4x4 that hit a quiet leafy lane in England on an autumn day.

The USB stick in the pack immediately downloaded the files onto my PC… of course they were encrypted… well nothing a couple of judicious blows of a hammer can’t fix! (Jack Bauer, eat your heart out!)

I was shocked, according to Pete I’ve violated his Federal Witness Protection Scheme… there are images I just can’t publish here... safe to say he was looking after all our best interests whilst in the USAF and he believes he can still “Phly”.

Latterly he can be found in his tying bunker at an undisclosed location breathing life into fish catching creations.

All the above is said with tongue firmly in my cheek BUT with huge respect for the man.

Thanks for allowing me to peer into those files and allowing me to see the unabridged Pete on the Pharside of the Canal… and here’s to an adult beverage in Somerset!

And Pete, keep whacking the home runs…

Friday, 15 October 2010

Tackle Trade World spots Bug-Bond!!

Bug-Bond is getting noticed! This time Tackle Trade World has given Bug-Bond half a page in their news section following the very successful trials with the help of Harrison Advanced Rods in Liverpool, UK.

“My old friend David Edwards has been showing me his UV cure resin product “Bug-Bond” which looks like a clear epoxy but cures almost instantly with UV light. Primarily aimed at fly tyers, David has shown me that it may well have applications beyond that and he has been evaluating the use of Bug-Bond in rod building. I do not want to let the cat out of the bag, but can confirm that Bug-Bond has a lot of potential to the rod builder in that it cures quickly to a bright clear finish and I can therefore see it being used by both custom and production rod builders in the future.” says Dr Steve Harrison (Harrison Advanced Rods, Liverpool, 20th September 2010)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Bug-Bond International Pro-Tying Team

Bug-Bond International Pro-Tying Team

Barry Ord Clarke (United Kingdom/Norway)
Andy Elliott (Ireland)
Simon Graham (South Africa/Finland)
Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden)
Dougie Loughridge (Scotland)
Davie McPhail (Scotland)
Chris Newsome (USA)
Johan Put (Netherlands)
Chris Reed (United Kingdom)
Chris Reeves (United Kingdom)

Barry Reynolds (USA)
Chris Sandford (United Kingdom)
Steve Silverio (USA)

Riny Sluiter (Netherlands)

Bug-Bond was officially launched in January 2010. During the first 9 months of this year the number of Bug-Bond users has grown across the world... there are now users in 20 countries across 5 continents.

In order to maintain and enlarge the profile of Bug-Bond across the globe it gives me great pleasure to announce that an International Bug-Bond Pro-Tying Team has been formed.

Each member of the team brings with them an enviable level of expertise whether their speciality is trout, salmon, pike, saltwater or realistic fly tying.

The team has an international flavour and will be promoting Bug-Bond at fly fairs/shows across the globe, through magazine articles and of course the Internet. Many of the tyers run their own angling related businesses and I have pleasure in being able to return the compliment and support their ventures by highlighting their businesses here.

Over the course of the next week or so I will introduce the team members to you via the blog and their details will be available on the Bug-Bond website.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

The USA and more....

Wow! September has been a great month with a lot going on... it kicked off with a 2 page feature in Trout Fisherman including a step by step and a review by Robbie Winram... I was over the moon with his comments.

I then brought together the culmination of 12 months research and work on rod blanks and built and fished a 9' 9# where all the rings were attached only with Bug-Bond (no thread)... 13 pike up to 16lb on the Harrison Advanced Rods Lohric blank... that is a seriously nice stick! I have named the rod "Zero" as in Zero Thread Technology (very tongue in cheek BUT I have proved a point... Bug-Bond is versatile!!)

As I've previously blogged Pete Gray provided some kind words about Bug-Bond...
In the background Steve Silverio has been fighting the Bug-Bond corner, Steve is a thoroughly nice guy and a great tyer I have huge respect for him and his talent... I hope to be posting a bit about Steve and his ties in the coming weeks...

So what's the big news I hear you ask... Well as of yesterday stocks of Bug-Bond went on the shelves of . This is a major step for Bug-Bond and removes a major stumbling block in our progression in the US market. I've had huge support from the US angler but potsage costs inhibited some from purchasing the product. Not anymore!!

With the kit, Greg Becker the owner of (Whitewaterflies) has tied up a few patterns which should give inspiration to those that wish to throw away the epoxy and the varnish... thanks for the images Greg.

It won't stop there tho' I have a second retailer in the US that will come on stream in 7 days time or so... who will it be?

Thank you all for your support and watch this space...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Phun on the Phringe with Pete...

This week top fly tyer Pete Gray (USA) who usually ties in the UV Phree Zone, as he likes to call it has decided to tie using UV cured acrylics... for "Phun"

Pete is a great and much admired fly tyer, who leads the way... he's not a follower... many who see his ties on Stripersonline are constantly WOWed by his technique and dare I say it, his genius...

His comments on Stripersonline were short and to the point...

"Used with the "tip kit" its application is much more precise and the cured results are much more tack free than the sort'a almost tack free other stuff..."

"Bug-Bond hit a home run... CCG hit a Ground Rule Double..."

...and in an email to me “David, If given the choice between Bug-Bond and CCG, I'd absolutely go with your magic voodoo acrylic WITH the "tip kit"...Over the MOON!” Pete Gray

You're "Over the MOON!" well that makes two of us Pete... and thank you for allowing me to reproduce your comments and images.