Saturday, 30 April 2011

Dream Team win and support Help for Heroes!

Photo kind permission of Chris Sandford Copyright 2011 (so please don't copy it!)

Yesterday's result for me yesterday was quickly followed with an email from Chris Sandford... it was another "Wow!" and success for Bug-Bond.

Chris and his Dream Team won the 'One Fly' competition on the River Test... fantastic news and really well done.
The press release follows:

"Dream Team Win The ‘One Fly’!
On April 28th, Chris Tarrant, Bob James and Chris Sandford scored the most points to take first prize in the ‘River Test ‘One Fly’ Competition organized by Simon Cooper’s company ‘Fishing Breaks’. All three contestants used Sandford’s signature fly ‘The Ducking Feadly’. (Rearrange the letters slightly to find out what the fly was originally christened during the 2010 ‘One Fly’!). Sandford also won his Lower Test region with the most points to a single rod.

Commenting at the prize giving he said “Broadlands is not the easiest fishery but I was lucky enough to have keeper Jon Hall as my guide. He can spot fish when us mere mortals are still gazing into the depths!

It was a great day, but most importantly we raised over £1000 for ‘Help the Heroes’."

For those that don't know the aim of the competition is to fish the same fly all day... with a coating of Bug-Bond the life expectancy of the fly is extended subtantially... almost bullet proofed infact!

Friday, 29 April 2011

A lot to carp about!

It was too bright to concentrate on the pike today and having seen a nice pod of carp I tried a different tactic altogether... carp on the fly. I was rewarded almost immediately with a take on the second cast sadly I missed it. Third cast and it wasn't long in the water when there was a huge gulp and a swirl... I tightened into it and I was attached to a 10lb common carp! This was a special fish... a personal best but also fish number 40 on my home built fly rod (Harrison Lohric 9ft 9weight blank, with Bug-Bond securing all rod rings... no whippings on the rings just pure resin!). What a magic day!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Bug-Bond™ and a first Sailfish

I'm always delighted to hear from Bug-Bond™ users of their catches... it doesn't matter what size it is either. However, I was exceptionally pleased to hear that Tom Gorman (one of our first overseas customers) had caught his first sailfish and Bug-Bond™ had a hand in the catch.

I had hoped to report this a year ago however, Tom's trip to Central America was blighted by a shortage of fish and spit outs. So, this report is all the sweeter! I won't replicate Tom's report here as it can be read on the Globalfisher website.

However, the additional great news is that Tom has used Bug-Bond™ to coat his popperheads to make them longer lasting and also uses Bug-Bond™ on all his fly line connections.

"The Sigler mega heads come in plain white . I coated them with pearl Sparkle-eze... then finished off the eyes and the rest of the head with a nice coating of Bug-Bond: bulletproof and super shiny . You slip the mega head over the shock tippet and seat them on the front part of tube which the fly is tied on...

I used Bug-Bond to cement several loop to loop connections on 10-14 weight fly lines for use in the salt , where you create a loop in braided monofilament, thread the end of the fly line up into it inch-worm style, and then cement it in several locations , with or without a nail knot to reinforce . You make a big loop at the top end (fly line to backing) and a small loop at the bottom end (fly line to butt section) of the fly line .

The alternative glues are UV knot sense, or super glue, but I found that Bug-Bond works better because it penetrates the braided mono with a capillary type action, yet leaves a nice smooth finish – better than UV knot sense – so that the connection shoots nicely through the guides" Tom Gorman

I had the words from Tom post trip to Costa Rica last year but no fish! This year I can match the words with the photo... a well earned catch.

Tom, many congratulations on the capture and release of such a wonderful creature, I am pleased that Bug-Bond™ was able to play its part. Thank you for sharing your moment with us.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pete Gray - joins the Bug-Bond™ team!

Over the last 7 months or so a fly tyer from the US has been playing with Bug-Bond™… nothing strange in that, as many from across the pond have chosen to use Bug-Bond™ the first Tack-Free light cured acrylic for fly tyers… the big deal is that this particular tyer has an affiliation with Tuffleye the first guys on the block. Pete Gray has been documented here humorously under the name of Two Hatz or McPhantom… Pete has pushed the boundaries of tying saltwater flies and was the first to publicly declare his hand with fly welding… correction “Phly Welding” (as Pete calls it) is an innovative method developed by Pete in constructing a fly without using thread to tie in the materials!

Initially Pete started welding with Tuffleye and then decided to conduct a back to back test of the Tack-Free products. Pete has been forthright with his comments and I was delighted to find that Bug-Bond™ had Pete’s support based on its Tack-Free finish. Pete now uses Bug-Bond™ as part of his armoury to Phly Weld… I guess the dilemma for Pete was that he was and is still part of the Tuffleye camp… torn between two materials and also a friendship that had been built with Dr Ned Lunt the creator of Tuffleye and now the new protagonist Bug-Bond™ and its designer!

Pete and I have emailed a lot; we met also met up in Somerset NJ at the Symposium and now subject each other to Skype! We have formed a great friendship – a similar anarchic sense of humour assists… and also a respect for Tuffleye team who broke the ground for the use of innovative light cured material in fly tying.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that Pete Gray has joined the Bug-Bond™ Pro-Tying team… Pete’s unmistakable tying styles can be seen at shows in the US in addition to the select forums he posts on. Just in case you haven’t spotted him before he is instantly recognisable!