Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A rookie's view of New Zealand - Wilderness Woman

I love getting DVDs across my desk and I find a lot of inspiration through fishing by other people... this DVD is by Swedish businesswoman Sarita Eliasson.

Interestingly I came across Sarita as she stayed in the same hotel as me in Aruba and used the same fishing guide... not at the same time though. We have exchanged comments on social media and I knew she was going to New Zealand and was keen to see the results of her labour.

A couple of weeks ago the DVD arrived... and due to other commitments it took me a couple of days to view the full film.

Hey... this is a well put together and well filmed DVD... plenty of action from the word go and a lot of information. It also showed that conditions are not always easy when you have a fishing vacation! This is the fault of many videos that just show the "goodstuff" not this film... we had warts and all. High rainfall stopping fishing in some key rivers BUT showing the worth of the guide in getting Sarita to the fish on lesser known waters. If you want to indulge yourself in some winter TV fishing... or you are considering a trip to New Zealand then this DVD is a must.

With Christmas coming up this would be a great present for any fly fisher - actually don't wait, buy it for yourself! The DVD can be purchased from Sarita via her website... 

Kick back (chill out) and enjoy it - I did! 

About Sarita Eliasson

My name is Sarita Eliasson. I live on the West Coast of Sweden close to the sea with my family.  

I came into contact with (fly) fishing a few years ago. I found a passion in this harmonious way of fishing. It is like meditating in some cases ... In other cases it may be full action.

I have been fishing since childhood but it was more traditional fishing. My everyday fishing is a way to calm down after a tough day at work. I run with my brother and sister a medium-sized service business, which I started almost 25 years ago.

My passion besides fly fishing is photography and filming. These three interests are wonderful to combine. I have always been adventurous person. I have visited many interesting places on earth. I'm not one who just like to go on holiday for the sun, I prefer adventure trips that give adrenaline rushes. But I am no stranger to adventures in the wilderness where you walk for days. Sleeping in tents and eat what nature offers. On these adventures, I always have with me my faithful companion Nicco, an  Australian Shepherd (dog). He enjoys the great outdoors as much as I do.

A year ago I started a film production company, Walkabout Film production. Our first production is available since August 2013. It is the first part in a documentary series called Walkabout.

"The Red Thread" is fly fishing. The fishing will bring me to exciting places in different parts of the world. I will meet interesting people and take part of their passion for nature and wildlife. I will visit various Nature and Conservation projects around the world.
The next part of the series is being planned and will begin in spring 2014. It will be called "Walkobut in The Wild West." Montana Trout will be visited by me. Ranch Life will be experienced from the saddle of a Quarter Horse. Together with experienced guides, we will be traveling on horseback, deep into Yellowstone National Park. We hope to capture many fine Trout with fly fishing rod. And through the camera lens to experience the wildlife up close. Grizzly bear, cougar and other exciting species we hope to see during our adventure in the wilderness.
On my travels, I try to bring my family. Everything depends on the time of travel and adventure nature. A person who is always part of my crew, my sister Lenita Olsson, who is an amazing photographer.

I consider myself very fortunate that I have the opportunity to experience fantastic adventures with my loved ones.