Monday, 18 June 2012

Books, books & more books... (and some BUG-BOND)

Hot off the press are 3 new books by Barry Ord Clarke... Part of a new series of books published by Paul Morgan of Coch-Y-Bonddu books.

The "Proven Patterns" series kick off with two books Sea-trout River & Saltwater and a third covering Pike... They are priced at £3.95 each which is less than a pint of beer in most pubs... They are well produced and well illustrated... Without a doubt using Barry's unquestionable talent behind the lens which is only matched by his talents as a fly-tyer.

The tying instructions are clear and concise... Patterns provided by tyers including such names as Ad Swier, Steve Silverio, Simon Graham, Dougie Loughridge, Ulf Hagstrom, Steffan Jones, Illytd Griffiths and Barry himself are both a mix of classic and innovative flies.

I have to say that I'm a little more than pleased that BUG-BOND gets more than a passing mention... In fact in a couple of the books BUG-BOND is part of the staple diet for the patterns. The books can be ordered direct from Paul Morgan at and I would heartily recommend them... With 5 further books in the wings I can't wait!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fly Tying books are back home!

As a footnote to the last post... Paul's books have been returned! Here is what he had to say...

"Didn't I always say what wonderful people police officers are? No? Well I will from now on.
My trailer and books have had a very interesting holiday to a traveller's site in the West Midlands. The books were unloaded, fortunately somewhere dry, while their temporary owners wondered what on earth they could do with them.... Meanwhile the trailer seems to have been busy, collecting two different registration numbers chalked on the back and acquiring a new flooring of diesel and broken glass.
When it was pointed out that the books were so valuable that anyone stealing them would be likely to incur a prison sentence the surprised and kind travelling man jumped in his van and travelled all the way to Aberystwyth to deliver my trailer and books to the Police Station there. The books have had rather a battering but seem very glad to be home!"
Good news!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

THEFT! Fly Tying/Fishing Books

I was horrified to hear that Paul Morgan of Coch-Y-Bonddu books recently suffered a theft... it happened last weekend...

This was Paul's post that greeted me on Facebook this morning:

"Over the weekend bandits stealing old steel shelving from my warehouse also took a trailer full of books. The stock from the Dutch Fly Fair had been stored there, ready for the BFFI. I can't imagine what a West Midlands scrap dealer is going to do with half a ton of fly-tying books, even if it does include some of our beautiful leather editions. Reckon they'll just get dumped in the rain somewhere. However, on the outside chance that anyone out there gets offered some cheap fishing books…"

"I don't think the thieves had any idea what was in the trailer, and suspect that they will just dump the books in a layby somewhere.

Lots of new books like The Essential Kelson, Dynamic Nymphing, etc., plus quite a few Flyfisher's Classic Library books.

I can't see any bookseller touching them. It will be immediately obvious that they have come from me."
It will be very sad if they are dumped in a lay-by or used to heat a boiler!

As per usual if you see anything or have any information please contact your local police station... international readers please keep a look out as well.

Many will know Paul not only from the show circuit but also his book shop...  Paul Morgan Old & New Books on Fishing & Field Sports, Coch-y-bonddu Books Ltd & The Flyfisher's Classic Library, Machynlleth, Mid-Wales SY20 8DG, U.K. Tel. 01654-702837

Sunday, 3 June 2012

BUG-BOND en Paris part deux!

Just back from EFTTEX with good connections made and putting the brand about... it was an interesting couple of days...