Sunday, 27 February 2011

Theo "Goldbead" Bakelaar Part II

I promised you Theo's Eelskin flies, well here are the photos of the flies that Theo sent me... and a picture showing that when wet these come alive and catch fish. The flies are a marriage of both natural and man made fibres and coated with Bug-Bond... inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing Theo!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Theo "Goldbead" Bakelaar - Joins the Bug-Bond Team

I met Theo first of all at the Spring Fly Fair in Newark last year... well to be precise I watched him tie... but it wasn't until the International Fly Tying Symposium that we got talking. Theo had just bought Bug-Bond from Greg at Whitewaterflies in New Jersey and was quite taken with it. He tied flies with Bug-Bond at the show and then went out and caught stripers with them!

So I had a few emails with Theo a few weeks ago and he kindly agreed to join the team... Welcome Theo!

I'll let him give his own bio...

"The normal stuff is that : I’ am 63 years old and so on…..bla bla bla….and fish for blab la bla…. Don’t like that.

Yes, its truth I brought those Goldbead flies again in the world and it works great, you can find them in every flybox. A big bang.

Tying on many shows around the world to show my style of tying and love it to do with people, to share, discus and fish them. Tying many different styles with different materials, play with it and always looking for new things. I’ am a tier for fishing flies, easy and catchers.

Fly fishing started for me as a therapy for my work as a sports teacher in the State prison, worked there for 35 years and found out that in the nature, the hills, rivers and so on : there were no bars…..its makes me free, it gave me freedom. There was no one who jump in your back to shoot you or kill you. ( maybe a bear or shark ).

Like to work with people in tying classes or teaching them the beauty of fly fishing. Also writing about my trips for magazines or websites to share my experience.

And most of all…… to be with all those funny crazy fly fishermen.

Playing with that Bug-Bond stuff gave me also some new ideas ……..that’s what I like about this crazy fishing world."

Theo has just sent me some flies which I'll photograph after my trip to Dublin this weekend... watch this space...