Friday, 14 August 2015

Rock Star ties flies and fishes!

I have been neglecting my blog but that'll change as I change up a gear and get back to fishing... so to whet the appetite...

I have a rock star of a pal... it is entirely true! Chris Sandford was I believe the first soap star (they were called actors then... because they could act) to have a song in the UK Top 40 in 1963... Chris had the role of Walter Potts in Coronation Street... well he is an ardent fisherman a true angler. He has been putting Stuff on the internet for anglers for a few years now and he has just issued Stuff 9... Great Stuff... Our friend Barry Ord Clarke features in this issue with his fab tying of Chris's Square Cut Carp Fly (try saying that after a few beers!).

Oh and Chris was on stage with The Beatles and he was a Radio Caroline DJ... a proper pirate!

Enjoy the video and when you see Chris tying flies next just say to him... "Not too little - Not too much" He'll get it!