Wednesday, 22 May 2013

UK BASS at the Sportfish Open Weekend

BUG-BOND has been stocked by Sportfish for quite some time now and I am grateful for their support. At the recent Open Day at the Sportfish, Reading store, UK BASS were attending with their fantastic stand...

The Field Sports Channel TV filmed the event and filmed BUG-BOND team member Jo Stephenson tie a bass fly using BUG-BOND... Its a great video and a nice little fly as well!

Well done Jo!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The River Test 'One Fly' - BUG-BOND on film!

A few weeks ago I wrote that Chris Sandford and 'The Dream Team' retained their winners' title on the River Test. Chris' wife Gelly has put together a rather nice short film covering the day... plenty of fish action!


If you would like to find out more about Chris and his STUFF... do visit

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters - Exmouth 2

Photos of Gary Jennings courtesy of Jono Shales

So what do we get when we add saltwater, tuna, Jono Shales and a client with a fly rod and place them in Exmouth, Western Australia? Well I think the answer is a pretty stoked and happy client. Don't you think?

This is another of those great opportunities that I am fortunate to get. I had a call from my pal Jono Shales who runs Exmouth Fly Fishing a couple of weeks back to say that he'd been guiding Gary Jennings from Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine and that they'd been whirling up some BUG-BOND candies for the tuna... well day 1 for tuna was a no show... it happens. Day 2 on the tuna, well... I got a message from Jono with some photos... if you think Gary Jennings is happy in that photo, believe me I was doing cartwheels in the UK... that BUG-BOND fly is just where it should be!

I am really pleased for Jono who has worked hard on his guiding service... and I'm pleased also for Gary Jennings... great fish! Thanks for sharing...

For more information on Exmouth Fly Fishing... Just hit the link!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A rising star joins Team BUG-BOND!

I'd like to welcome a rising star to the BUG-BOND team... his name is Ilan Evans, he's 18 and aside from tying flies he works in the family business "Y Gywniad" which is a fishing tackle shop in the town of Bala, not far from the shores of Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) in North Wales. 
Ilan Evans is a young professional fly tyer and has been tying  flies and fishing since his primary school days.

In 2011, Ilan represented his country as a member of the Welsh Youth Fly Fishing team at Loch Menteith in Scotland. The Welsh Team came 2nd out of the 4 Nations.

Ilan has tied flies at the Welsh Fly Fair, North Wales Fly Fair, the Irish Fly Fair in Galway at the Angling Expo in Dublin. He also demonstrated his skills on the UK Fly Dressers Stand at the British Fly Fair International 2012, and will be tying again this year at the BFFI on the fly tiers row.

Ilan is an active member of the Fly Dressers Guild and attends weekly sessions, he also teaches fly tying to members of Bala Angling Association.
His specialty flies are – competition and river flies, and ties micro flies (size 32).

Welcome to the team Ilan...
 A team of Ilan's Bug-Bond Beetles ready for action!