Wednesday, 30 May 2012

BUG-BOND goes to Paris

After a super successful show at the Dutch Fly Fair two weeks ago we are on the road again. We are off to Paris this weekend to the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition... I'll be on stand D11 with Veniard Ltd... come and see me and say hello!

Friday, 18 May 2012

BUG-BOND goes Dutch!

Two years ago BUG-BOND was in its infancy and my first international show was the Dutch Fly Fair... the Netherlands has always had a part of my heart through non-fishing friends and BUG-BOND has been supported well there. So, this weekend if you are in the Netherlands come visit the show... you will find the BUG-BOND team out in force and I am delighted to have co-sponsored the Fly Fair shirt... you will see that in honour of the Netherlands our logo has gone orange!

See you there!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fish On! with Chris Sandford

Fish On! with Chris Sandford from BUG-BOND on Vimeo.

We often see flies that have been tied well and sometimes you are left to wonder whether the tyer catches fish with them or whether they are just pretty follies. Well if you have already watched the video you will realise that although a good fly tyer, Chris Sandford is a committed angler... He fishes with a purpose... He doesn't dream follies, he creates flies that catch and catch again! I've had first hand experience of Chris's flies and fly tying... if you ignore his book and DVD "Mayflies & More" I think you may be missing a trick and could rue the day. Your choice... But if one of those 10 patterns could catch you the fish of a lifetime? Mmmm... Hard choice... Especially if THAT fish passes you by. 

OK, I have to get back to tying a catcher... My favourite is the "Bullet" what's yours?

Tight lines!

Friday, 11 May 2012

BUG-BOND holds it together in Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters - Bassas Da India (official trailer 2012) from Smokin Drag Productions on Vimeo.

Last year I was approached to see whether I'd be interested in a project... the brief for the team was to fish in one of the remotest places on the earth a place where compared to Mount Everest fewer people have travelled to... this place was Bassas da India (an atoll in the Indian Ocean half way between Madagascar and Mozambique... well within striking distance of pirates!)

Jonathan Tomlinson and Glynn Henry along with a small team and a 46ft catamaran embarked on a journey to fish the unfished waters and the atoll of Bassas. They chose Bug-Bond to tie their flies with as they believed in its superior bonding capabilities and the speed of the process in tying and curing vast numbers of flies. They have documented their journey which had its fair share of bad weather in the form of a DVD... it is a documentary not only about fly fishing but fishing a variety of methods for wild fish and putting themselves and their gear to the ultimate test of endurance. A remarkable trip!

Bug-Bond was part of the equation... a small but vital role and we are pleased that we are part of the success story. Bug-Bond held it together when it mattered most... so whether you are on the trip of a lifetime or fishing your local trout reservoir you know that you are using a product that has been tested fully... in fact not just fully but BRUTALLY!

Well done lads!

Enjoyed the trailer? Now go and buy the DVD... I've watched it twice... not just a great place and great fish... its awesome!

Hot of the press and available from Sportfish and Farlows very shortly… in the mean time if you can't wait then email Jonathan Tomlinson for a copy at it is also available from FunkyFlyTying

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Rimini bait fish....

I tried to work out a play on Fabrizio Gajardoni's little Adriatic bait fish (a real one!) during my sleep last night... I wanted to get further realism into the tie... 3rd attempt... rather than putting the Bob Popovics Fleye Foil on top of the monofilament EZ body the foil is under the braid and then then a silver tape eye is applied over the top.... under body is silver Bill's Bodi-Braid and then a wing of silver Krystal Flash all on a Veniard Osprey saltwater size 4. It is hard to see in the photo but the foil does retain is holographic sheen... but on a micro basis as the monofiliament creates scale effect over the top of the gut sac...

What do you think?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fleye Foils gets the BUG-BOND treatment

Putting a spin on the EZ Body baitfish using the Fleye Foil

An ideal parnership! 

For those that follow me closely this will not come as a surprise... Bob Popovics author of the inspirational book Pop Fleyes and I have had a dialogue going for sometime now and I was able to meet Bob at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey earlier this year.

There are 3 holographic silver patterns Bay Anchovy, Sandeel and Silver Side... available in small, medium, large and extra large (no extra large in Sandeel).  

I'm pleased to have been asked to try the foils and have tied them on hooks from 3/0 down to size 12... easy to use and they do look great! With a spin on updating the EZ Body baitfish... I'm sure they will be a HIT!

Friday, 4 May 2012

BUG-BOND goes to the Bahamas

Its always great to get photos of flies and the fish they end up catching (and here is another one for today). Ole Kristian Skaar from Norway recently visited the Bahamas... and caught very nice bonefish using his Bug-Bond built flies... Nice one Ole!

Ole has kindly allowed me to reprint his email to me here... thank you Ole.

"Hello David,

I would like to say a few words about what i like about the Bug-Bond.
I have tested a couple of UV-resins for my flytying, but Bug-Bond became a favourite right away. 

Very easy to apply and completely tack free.

After being known with the Bug-Bond I haven't even thought of using epoxy for my flies. Covering / building up bodies on the flies are just like playing games :-) 

I have also been using the Bug-Bond for repairing rods a couple of times.
The varnish on the rodwrapping has come of and I simply replaced it with Bug-Bond.

All fixed in seconds!!


Sea Trout in Denmark - hooked by BUG-BOND!

Theo Bakelaar from the Netherlands... "Goldbead" to those that know him, the guy that wears the red beret at shows... you have seen him from the UK, across the Low Countries of Europe to Somerset in New Jersey... a great tyer and fisherman!

Theo has recently been in Denmark for the sea trout fishing and sent me photos of his catch an the BUG-BOND built fly he used to trick the fish... Nice!!

BUG-BOND and the dinosaurs....

Andrés Touceda is one of the truly great realistic fly tyers; a true artisan... it is with greatest pleasure that I can share with you recent work of his. These amazing prehistoric dragonflies feature at Scarborough's Rotunda Museum (UK) in the exhibition "Scarborough's Lost Dinosaurs" that opens on 26th May! Amongst the list of materials Andrés uses for the construction of these flies is Bug-Bond... more information can be found on his website

Welding Phlyz - will it catch on?

Well Pete Gray has been welding all winter and has decided to test his welded "phly" creations with a "phocus group" on the pharside of the canal... looking by the results the bobbinless threadless Bug-Bond phlyz are a hit with the locals! Way to go Pete!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bass with Oz... and a bit of BUG-BOND!

Fly  fishing for Bass with Austen Goldsmith from Video Art Productions on Vimeo.

Austen Goldsmith has ben guiding for Bass in Cornwall since 2005 . He has been featured on various magazine and TV features over the years. His websites are and . The Film has been shot over the course of 3 seasons and is due for release soon. It features tying sequences for several of Austens favourite Bass patterns along with plenty of tips and advice on Saltwater Fly fishing on European Coastline.
Fancy fishing in Cornwall? Then this is your man... and just look how many times Bug-Bond featured in his trailer... Going to love the full DVD!