Friday, 8 August 2008

Luck of the draw... on the fly!

Back from the river... almost gin clear, just a touch of colour. I was there at 6am and there was already one other lure fishing. We introduced ourselves and we then set about covering the water, leap frogging the swims. I had taken two rods... both spinning and fly. Peter, the other piker had a 7ft spinning rod and what would turn out to be the catching combination of the day, a Mepps Aglia in yellow/red combination, amongst others.

The leap frogging resulted in a bit of a blank day for me but yielded 3 jacks for Peter... I was close having a take on the fly BUT I'm yet to perfect setting the hook! Interestingly Peter has also had trouble catching on this stretch of river and had blanked since September... I'd blanked from September to June so I was about 6 weeks ahead of him.

The fly casting is coming on a treat though... so by the time the autumn comes and the pike start really going on the feed I should be able to cast reasonably well.

One of the pleasures of fishing the river is the frequent sightings of the kingfishers, the electric blue flashes zipping about the river. One even took a half glance at my fly!!

The photo is from mid November last year...

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