Saturday, 23 August 2008

Old man river...

Alarm went at 4am yesterday... well I stopped it going off 2 minutes before to ensure I remained high in the popularity stakes! A couple of pieces of toast into the car and off to the river.
I had deliberated long and hard as to stillwater or river fishing and decided on the latter! I knew that there had been a high tide and that would hold up the water BUT what I hadn't banked on was the reduction in clarity due to the run off high in the mountains of North Wales.
The colour was a passable tea colour at 6am but by early afternoon it was like fishing in chocolate! It was a nice day for a walk but it left me thinking maybe that stillwater would have been better! The ultimate poke in the eye was a cormorant taking a perch in front of me... c'est la vie.
Courtesy of a couple of old chaps, one fishing and one yabbering, a pole and a maggot... here is the only fish of the day... apologies for the quality of the photo, it was taken with my phone. But it did have me thinking of livebaiting for the pike!
Talking of photos... doesn't the river look invitingly blue? The wonders of photoshop!
Isaac Walton wrote the Compleat Angler... I feel somewhat the Incompleat Fisherman... I really need to catch!

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