Friday, 17 October 2008

Red Letter Day....

Well there are days and there are DAYS! I have been studying moon phases and it had Tuesday down as an excellent day for fishing... I was driving to Carlisle! Yesterday was down as poor and today... was just average. What is average? Average to some of the better pikers out there would be a bloomin' good day for me... actually it would be a win on the Lotto, or the equivalent in piking terms. Average to me well... may or may not hit.

So how was this average day? It started at 7am... overcast and cold... armed with a recent creation or three I set forth... I did three tours of the lake... sorry I got a head of myself a little.

I'll cut to the chase.. the selected pattern did well... did so well we (that's me and the chosen one - the fly) accounted for 4 pike... the biggest hitting the scales at a smidgen over 10lbs... you can tell how smug I felt!! Not half... a cracker of a day! A couple of almosts and a loss to boot...

Do you know what? I'm enjoying this pike on the fly malarkey! Oh and that bit about the moon... it's utter rubbish!

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All about the grab said...

Hi Dave,
Went out today myself and had a nice 10lb'r to show for my efforts.I am so lucky here in kuru to be able to go fishing every second day and I am just as happy with a jack of a couple of lb's as I am with a 10lb'r.
Check out this chap up in Scotlands websites Dave Mcfluffchucker
He knows his stuff mate.
By the way you look as chuffed as punch mate...and so you should.