Sunday, 5 October 2008

A "REEL" good time!!

My new Danielsson 8Eleven arrived this weekend... ordered from Hugh O'Reilly. I have to say that his advice was faultless as was the service. The fully loaded reel arrived ready to use... with a couple of pike flies thrown in for free! The reel has been loaded with Cortland Pike WF10F (not the new red and mint line as you'll notice BUT the 333 version). The reel is the Rolls Royce of all reels... compare it to the reel my dad used on his Milward's Flyrover; they are poles apart.
Fishing this weekend was interesting. Friday night found me casting into the teeth of a gale and by comparison this evening it was totally calm and serene. A few carp rolling tonight but not much else moving, all seen off by the heavy rain that included hail during the night.
High point... well out fishing and with a reel and line that brought the Ron Thompson MPX Pike 8/9 weight fly rod to life. Oh and my hand tied flies are standing up to all that casting!

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