Wednesday, 26 February 2014

BUG-BOND is 5 years old and we hit the Orvis catalogue in the US!

Enough said!

I can't believe it is 5 years since I started on a path that would give birth to the BUG-BOND brand... It is and remains the UV cured resin with the longest track record of tack-free performance in fly tying. Why? Because it came to the market tack-free from launch and it was hailed as such by Toby Merigan of Funky Fly Tying...

"BUG-BOND™ is the Holy Grail. It makes tying and finishing flies so much quicker than normal epoxy or varnish"  Toby Merigan.

Back in April 2009 Toby was the first person outside the family to know of its existence and became the first retailer of BUG-BOND the following year. The cast of folk who have helped and supported me along the way has been immeasurable and it is truly a cast of thousands... every member of the BUG-BOND Pro-Tying Team, distributor, retailer and BUG-BOND user is responsible for where BUG-BOND UV Cured Resin is today. Many of you have become friends and a few have become mentors.

I am fortunate to have the full support and backing of Veniard Ltd and WAPSI Fly Inc... to add to this I'm pleased to announce that we have hit the line up of new products for Orvis in the US for 2014!

BUG-BOND is a world brand... Thank you for believing!

PS... You can see BUG-BOND at the Glasgow Angling Centre with me this weekend whilst Barry Ord Clarke and Chris Sandford will be at Rutland on Sunday!

Current BUG-BOND Pro-Tying Team line up...

Theo Bakalaar (Netherlands)
Grant Bench (USA)
Lee Blanton (USA)
Jobina Chia (Malaysia)
Ian Christie (Scotland)
Barry Ord Clarke (United Kingdom/Norway)
Sergio Cordoba (Argentina)
Paul van den Driesche (Netherlands)
Andy Elliott (Ireland)
Ilan Evans (Wales)
Fabrizio Gajardoni (Italy)
David Gourong (France)
Simon Graham (South Africa)
Pete Gray (USA)
Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden)
Finn Jensen (Denmark)
Peter Joest (Germany)
Trevor Jones (Wales)
Skúli Kristinsson (Iceland)
Holger Lachmann (Germany)
Jerry Lee (United Kingdom)
Dougie Loughridge (Scotland)
Thomas Magnusson (Sweden)
Mario Malarczuk (Germany)
Hywel Morgan (Wales)
Davie McPhail (Scotland)
Johan Put (Netherlands)
Chris Reed (United Kingdom)
Chris Reeves (United Kingdom)
Barry Reynolds (USA)
Chris Sandford (United Kingdom)
Jono Shales (Australia)
Steve Silverio (USA)
Riny Sluiter (Netherlands)
Jo Stephenson (United Kingdom)
Rune Stokkebekk (Norway)
Andrés Touceda (Spain)
Hendrik Wiegand (Germany)

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