Wednesday, 12 November 2008

At the setting of the sun....

Not quite down the road BUT where we were this time last year! Egypt... the Red Sea to be precise. What has that got to do with anything... piking in particular? Nothing... well almost nothing.

I decided as it was full moon to try the moon phase fishing technique and took the last two hours of light at the end of the day. I arrived and it was still with barely a ripple on the water... not good, I prefer a broken surface and not much movement of fish either. I held my nerve and fished on as the sun dipped away and we hit the twilight zone. The light was fading fast with cloud building in the sky... last cast and slow the retrieve right down... the fly must be barely moving! Retrieve... damn got a snag... the snag's moving! Fish on! Not big, say 5lbs and then it came off... shame... never mind.

I was pleased I'd found a link between me and the fish... it feels very good (doesn't matter what size either).

So what does that have to do with Egypt... well, after a long day suffering the beach I'd get one or two hours fishing off the marina wall and that was my view each night... and as the sun dipped behind the mountains the sea would become alive and the fish would take. Mmmm... warm air catching schoolie barracuda and small trevally... can someone transport me back please and this time I'll take a fly rod!

As a bit of a postscript today I'd like to thank everyone who reads this blog for taking the time to do just that... over 1000 have read the blog in the time it's been here and that spans 11 different countries. It wasn't my intention to have lots of people read it, it was more of an online diary for me and family to keep up with my fishing. I am but a novice fly fisherman. Thanks for visiting, David


All about the grab said...

As you know David I am also new to this Blogging melarky but I am starting to realy enjoy reading your journals mate.In fact I look to see whether you have written something daily.Keep up the good work and have a great weekend.

Was just wondering what coloured fly were you using.I have found Black with a little red or Dark Purple with some red works very well in Low light conditions.
I very rarely use bright colours in low light conditions and I fish sometime right through the night here during the summer months with frequent sucess on a black Bunny bug with a little red hackle tied in behind the eyes.

David Edwards said...

Simon... fly colours? I have a theory for the still water that I fish that it isn't colour BUT volume of the fly...

For the stillwater which has a lot of colour... although this is fining down now, the tandem with a lot of volume works well. I've tried other colours in singles and indeed the same colour and yet it is the tandem that wins?

I'll try a black bunny bug next time I'm down there... which may not be until next week! Boo hoo!