Friday, 7 November 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum!

Blimey what a non-day... The alarm went at 0505hrs and I was fishing at o645hrs - keen? Of course I am. Based on some insider knowledge that my favourite river was going to be "ON" today I duly paid homage to the Cestrian Lady. Insider knowledge comes in various forms and when I phoned X to see where he was I found out Y... better fishing up river! Actually not that much better but at least they had a fish and a couple of bites...

I've yet to meet Mike... but have spoken to him and emailed him on a few occassions... I'm going to hold him to putting me on a "dead cert" peg this winter... I watch his blog with interest and amazement at the specimens he continually catches! Exit stage left chanting "We are not worthy" and repeat.

Looking forward to meeting you Mike!

I didn't see one fish on the river today... that's bad. But I know where they are now... and that's good!

On leaving the Cestrian Lady I came upon two aged oiks fishing... that is a generalisation and perhaps unfair to tar us all with the same brush! The first had a telescopic beach rod with a spinning reel... the line set to a trace with a dead fish attached... deadbaiting (origin of fish unknown!). The rod had a safety... a length of rope attached to it and the oik's deck chair BUT, get this, the running ledger which didn't look as if it would run was a plastic bag with a rock in it... bewildered I left.

So off to the stillwater... not hot there either! Shame BUT here is a BAD photo of a baby bream... place is stuffed full of them... may tie a fly to look like one... I need 3D epoxy eyes.

In summary... not a stunning day BUT good to be out!

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Chester Predators said...

Feelings are mutual Dave. I enjoyed chatting with you on occasion and i love reading your blog. Your attitude to fishng is refreshing compared to some of the obsessed amongst the trophy hunting Pikers. There's more to fishing than trophy fish. Look forward to fishing with you