Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Blue moon, You saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart...

This song has been covered by many but I prefer the sound of Ella Fitgerald or the version from the film Grease... way back in 1978!
The moon has featured heavily in discussions on the PAC forum as to when the best times per moon phases are... the comments have been been hard fought pro and against and with 1,420 views and 133 replies has to be the hottest topic this autumn!
I have conducted my own survey of my fishing dates over the last 14 months or so... and I have been totally blown away by the correlation between certain moon phase dates and catching fish!
Suffice to say there is one moon phase in particular that stands out head and shoulders above the rest... during this period I have a 1:2 catch ratio... that's 2 fish per day of fishing... another moon phase is 1:1 and another 2:1, ie I have to fish for 2 days to catch 1 fish!
The most productive period gives me 59% of my total catch!
These figures have been taken from my records and prior to this exercise I hadn't even looked at moon phases... I just went fishing when I could. Maybe I'll be a little more selective in the future.
Oh! The photo... my cousin Mark in Calgary took it... fantastic photo!!


All about the grab said...

Interesting topic I can imagine,and nice to see you are taking records for this purpose.Unfortunately for me I go fishing when the stomach tells me too or when Lena says she's in desperate need for my Moroccan Pike with cous cous.I'm also a strong believer that it all depends where your fly or lure lands, and how well you fish it.On days when I don't catch many I just put it down to either poor fish stocks due to over netting or that I have been fishing in just the wrong area for that day or I just wasn't lucky enough.
Different strokes for different blokes I suppose!
Stunning pic by the way.

David Edwards said...

The record keeping is a by product of this blog... I go fishing when I'm able and they aren't on predetermined days...

I think the moon phase thing is one of those extra bits of info that perhaps helps make the day. I believe in presentation of bait BUT no matter how well you present it IF they aren't feeding they won't hit the bait no matter how good the presentation... I have a tendancy to look at what's going on around me... bow waves, bait fish, weather and even bird movement.

It is being about being at one with your surroundings...