Monday, 22 December 2008

I want a pike for Christmas!

One of two 15lb pike taken from the Dee today... BUT what a bitter sweet pill... I was made up for the guy on the next peg (Mal) who got them and rather naffed off that I spent 12 hours on the river with nothing to show for it... I had the choice of pegs BUT chose the wrong one!

It also has to be said that supermarket deadbaits are useless... frankly the quality of fish is awful... if I wouldn't touch it, then why would a fish?

Mal's two fish were both taken on ledgered livebaits... either chub or roach. The benefit of a feeder rod in addition to the rods for the pike... a ready supply of fresh bait. I "borrowed" two small chub, sadly to no avail. I was just in the wrong place.

I got up at stupid o'clock and and I am sitting here absolutely knackered... what didn't help was that yesterday I thought I was brewing a cold and dipped out on a trip to the canal. Were there any pluses to today... well the fly rod works well on this stretch of river and if the pike are on then casting won't be a problem as access is good. Coming to Mal's rescue after he'd packed away his forceps my super long forceps do indeed reach those deep hooked moments!

Sadly there were more downs to the day... and oh isn't it muddy - my car is testimony to that!

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