Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Shoaling up for the winter!

I decided to sit at the vice last night as it is a couple of weeks since I tied a fly or two... Inspired by Dougie's creations I set to!
From the top is my first attempt at a Surf Candy... coloured as a Rainbow, I'm not sure whether it is too sparse and it was interesting working with Devcom 5 for the first time as well.
In the middle is a play on Dougie's bait fish... rather than rely on Pantone pens and Silli Skin I tied a strip of Funky Fibre at the eye and drew it back over the mylar body... a pearl type plastic was tied to the shank along with the silver strands prior to the mylar body going on... when the epoxy goes on the mylar it makes it more translucent and the strands move in the body cavity!
At the bottom... slightly out of focus... A BIG silver streamer constructed out of Christmas tinsel strands with a palmered garland body.
All tied on 4/0 Big Mouth hooks.


Anonymous said...

An interesting read as always Dave.

Many Thanks for including a short cut to My New Blog Picastorial Passions, It is appreciated !!

Tight Lines Fellow Cestrian !


All about the grab said...

Hi David,
Well I am in South africa now and soon go up to Sodwana bay up the north coast from Durban over new year to do some saltwater fly-fishing,so I just wanted to wish you and your family a very merry xmas me old son.