Monday, 1 December 2008

The sublime to the ridiculous?

Over the weekend I managed to sneak in two very short sessions... the weekend was -2 degrees C and foggy on Saturday and Sunday it was same temperature BUT an icy wind and no fog. I was hitting the water at last light and talking to the guys leaving the lake nothing much had shown on either day.

The Saturday session was really a quick cast over the water after buying some Manta Big Mouth 4/0 hooks to tie on... Sunday was to try out the prototype of this baby. The pike are feeding on skimmers at the moment and I wanted a short fat fly with volume to try and emulate a slab sided baby bream... it fishes reasonably well on the retrieve... not the prettiest of flies I grant you. But what do you expect when you use a Christmas garland (palmered), a little bucktail, funky fibre and a little Krystal flash! Oh the eyes are from a craft shop 99p (50 cents) for a pack of 100.

All I need to do is catch a pike with it!


All about the grab said...

Great looking fly David.Can imagine it would be good for Zander as well.

David Edwards said...

Simon... a premonition, I think I need to target Zander as I was dreaming about catching one last night... the moral of the story is: Don't tie flies late at night!


Chester Predators said...

Nice Fly mate! Looks very seasonal.