Saturday, 27 December 2008

Women & fishing Pt II - Calendar girls?

Photo above courtesy: Dan Bailey

Photo courtesy: k8
When I began researching women and fishing I stumbled across Rogue Angels BUT I also landed on a site called Girlsflyfishing. I therefore tracked Dan Bailey (the photographer) down and he’s allowed me to reproduce one of the photos here as long as I tell you that he took them (look at his blog) and that you can buy the calendar by clicking the link HERE

OK, so adverts out the way… Is the calendar representative of women who fly fish…? Or is it a calendar in the genre of the garage calendar BUT with more of a tasteful suggestion rather than a full exposé…? The Victorians were a lot worse! There is no doubting that the girls on the calendar are pretty; I’d be a liar if I said they weren’t. So, pure fantasy or reality? You make up your own mind.

It was interesting listening to a radio programme last week following a news story about the dress code of a cocktail waitress and some listeners phoned in saying that a waitress needed a low cut top and short skirt… Mmmm… one of the bars that I used to frequent in Liverpool had a uniform which covered both male and female staff and was akin to US Forces drill shirt, with tie and trousers for both male and female staff… Perhaps the female staff looked even more attractive and smarter than the “obvious”.

Then there were offshore yacht races I used to take part in where everyone was in full wet weather gear and after 5 days the boys are looking unshaven and unkempt (dog rough for short). Yet women in the same environment drenched in salt water with their hair sort of in shape and with a hint of lip protector can still look attractive. How? It’s just so unfair!

One of my friends (female) has a worldwide responsibility for encouraging and promoting sailing to women and does a fantastic job, I'd put a photo up of Jane, but sadly it is copyright protected. However, through various sports I’ve seen women leave sport because of the attitude that they’ve been shown… great shame. I remember a quote from a female kite buggy pilot when I was researching a piece for a magazine “I’m selling up, to compete in this game you have to be male, an accountant, overweight and over forty!” A sad indictment both of the stereotype and more so the attitude that led to the comment!

Rogue Angels is additional proof (as if you needed it) that women can and do perform in an environment just as well as men and look great as well… I tested the Angel’s blog with some non fishing blokes and gave them Dan Bailey’s site to “paw” over as well. I have to admit that I was a little taken aback when they scoffed at the Rogue Angels site (they couldn’t see what I saw) and wondered where they could get the calendar from! You just can’t educate some folk… the flip side is that the exit link from my blog to Rogue Angels is by far and away the most popular link away from the blog according to the stat counter. Ladies, hopefully it goes to prove that fishermen do appreciate women (and those that fish as well!).

Waders aren’t flattering for the best of folk but to look good and catch fish that is some going… shame that I can’t catch that many fish (1 out of 2 ain't that bad tho'!!).

I wonder what the Angels think of the guys (and I hate to think what the stat counter will show in the New Year)?

Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

I have just become an even bigger fan of your blog David.
More Fishing Girls, and less fish please !!
Cheers Stu

David Edwards said...

For me the ultimate photo would be Janet(my wife) having caught a fish on the fly... ultimate goal for 2009!