Friday, 12 December 2008

When they are off they are OFF!

No I haven't started buying impressionist works of art! My main camera died today and I used my camera phone to shoot the float lit by a watery sun accompanied by a reflection of the trees! Blimey David, why did you do that? Well, having fished for 9 hours it was getting a little tedious not catching!!

I tried every trick in the book... The pike are OFF! Fly, lure, jerkbait, spoons and deadbait (both static and wobbled) - and absolutely NOTHING! Pah!

I amused myself in the end with a seagull and a deadbait... playing catch me if you can - allowing the deadbait to surface and have the seagull circle only to let it drop at the last minute... NO - I was fishing and was pestered by the gull. Mind not the only pest!

An opportunist moorhen decided that she'd play hard ball with the float and peck at it and then she followed me down the lake to steal the prebaited herring... is there no justice in life!

It did allow me another session with the Harrison rod and I'm pleased to hear that all 4 sections have been made and we are on for a build in January! The reel seat should be delivered tomorrow and will be dropped off next week with the loan rod.

Oh and the new rod once it has been build will be named! Guess the name and win a hand tied fly... of my choice!! (posted to mainland UK only unless you can supply me with tickets to the destination of your choice where we can fly fish for bones whilst the winter slips away in the UK).

Only 19 days of fishing in 2008 left!

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